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Xiaochang Jinji Chemical Co., Ltd.

About us

       Xiaochang Jinji Chemical Co., Ltd. is a fine chemical company. It produces galvanization chemicals, additive, sewage disposal products, and etc, which are widely used in electronic industry, cable, steel, automobile bush, oil field, medicine, industrial sewage disposal, and etc.
       With two factories covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters, At present our annual production is over 7000 tons, including, 3000 tons of methylsufonyl chloride, 1500 tons of methanesulfonic acid, 1000 tons of Tin methanesulfonate, 100 tons of lead methanesulfonate, 1000 tons of fluoboric acid and 200 tons of stannous fluoboric acid.
       The products of our company are fluoroboric acid, tin (II) fluoroborate, lead (II) tetrafluoroborate, copper (II) borofluoride, indium fluoroborate, methanesulfonic acid, tin (II) methanesulfonate, lead methanesulfonate, bismuth methanesulfonate, indium (III) sulfate, OSP organic weldability protective agent, TMT-15 heavy metal ion scavenger, and etc. For years we have established the brand of “Danguan ” which has been well acceptted by our customers all around the world. what’s more ,the TMT-15 heavy metal ion scavenger was granted the honor of “Hubei Key Research Project”.
       Our company has established extensive market at home and abroad.And We have maintaining good technical cooperation relationship with many research institutes and colleges.
       which mainly engages in the fields of galvanization treatment fluid, medicine intermediate , pesticide intermediate and sewage disposal products. So new technologies and investments are also welcomed to join us.
       Our company always persists on the tenet of quality first, credit priority, reasonable price and judgmatical service. You are warmly welcomed to visit us and negotiate business with us at home or abroad.

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